Fire of Peace

In the beginning there was fire – along with water, space, light, sound and air. Those who are on fire, who burn for a cause, feel passion and energy. Their soul is on fire and they are happy when the spark ignites. Jesus himself said: „I have come to cast fire on the earth. How happy I would be if it were already burning.“

Times are tough, they challenge us, rob us of energy and sometimes extinguish the fire within us. We need to rekindle that. Let us, the people of this planet, no longer allow ourselves to be alienated from charity, to be a divided society. No, we should sit together around a campfire again and work for peace and humanity. Where has our sense of „togetherness“ gone?

I am a child of the 1980s. In my generation we demonstrated for peace, in the days of the Cold War, the arms race and the constant threat of nuclear war. We did it peacefully, there was no violence or riots. We formed human chains, sang and sat around the fire in the evening. Someone played the guitar, another sang. We were for something – for a better, fairer world. When the reactor accident happened in Chernobyl in 1986, I was afraid of the rain and nature. It was a catastrophe, it left its mark on me. We rebelled peacefully.

Today, many are against something, they are upset, insecure and pessimistic. Also because many feel lost due to the world becoming more unmanageable. Information assaults us on a daily basis, the social networks are getting out of hand. What is the truth? There are so many! Where do I stand? Where’s the humanity? Being there for each other?

And a question burns itself into my mind: What is life all about? I can only give one answer: About us, about us being happy, about us feeling taken care of and accepted. We are social beings, we need community, we need each other. We need positive energy, a fire that burns deep within us and spreads to others.

Therefore, let us create a mental network of peace around the earth, one that unites and connects all peoples and religions in the common desire for happiness. And that we find our way back to our true selves.

That’s how the idea came to me. It may sound romantic but it stuck with me: let’s light fires of peace all over the world and send out a common signal. A peaceful one, maybe even a holy one. Let us have a message: Let’s stick together, let’s be human and live in harmony with nature and the elements.

If many people join this ceremony of lighting fires of peace, then together we can change the energy field of the earth. I am sure of it, that is what I am burning for!

Let us rely on the power of light, warmth and exchange – so that all heavy energies are extinguished.

You can make the fire in the garden or at home on the stove. The main thing is that it’s safe and doesn’t destroy anything.

Gather around your friends and enemies. Overcome boundaries, become one, find each other, get to know and accept each other anew. Believe in love and the power of connection. And formulate your ideas. Don’t be quiet, be loud, but not aggressive and blustering. Let your hearts speak. Listen to them and your intuition. Listen to yourselves! Be with yourselves! And connect with others. Together we can achieve everything. So can the individual.

„Be the change you want to see in the world“, Mahatma Gandhi once said. I value his words so much that they are etched on my mind. They attest to simplicity, truth and love. And that is all that matters. Especially in these times when we are flooded with information and are becoming ever more alienated. From ourselves and from others.

Let’s use the modern channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to invite others to light bonfires everywhere. The lights will be noticed. Be part of it. I look forward to the fires, to a luminous energy, to our cohesion.

We can change the world, because we are the world!

Let us set a sign for peace and for our peace of mind!

Feel free to write to me.

See you soon, yours sincerely, Manuel.